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Upcoming Event

Wine Plus Chocolate is Happiness


Okanagan Valley

Event Date

15 Aug, 2019


The Okanagan Valley is the premier grape-growing region in the province of British Columbia. Surrounded by its verdant mountain ranges, clear lakes, and reserves, it is no wonder how the Okanagan Valley became a centre of fruit production and industry.
This valley stretches more than 250 km., and each area within the valley features different climate and soil conditions that suit the growth and cultivation of various fruit trees and agricultural products.
While fruit plantations continually provide the country with the …


The Sub Regions of Okanagan Valley

Osoyoos Located at the southernmost tip of Okanagan Valley, this place is considered the hottest spot in Canada. Osoyoos is best known for its wineries that produce the award-winning, sun-ripened red wines. Aside from wine, Osoyoos is also known for...
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